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Windows Boot configuration

Windows 10 boot configuration can be controlled with bcdedit and bootrec. I had a hard time finding documentation about bootrec.

How to fix Windows 10 boot problems.

Windows Boot Manager

Windows dual boot can be accomplished with the Windows Boot Manager. Windows boot manager configuration can be done with bcdedit. Microsoft documentation for bcdedit can be found here: Bcdedit documentation was found at after searching for bcdedit.

You can find other tools for configuring Windows Boot Manager. EasyBCD is NOT free. VIsualBcd appears to be free.

Using any of the tools requires some reading and caution.

Why would you want or need to configure Windows for dual boot. My test case is:

I have two hard drives in my desktop. One drive is an SSD, the other is a Western Digital. Occassionally I copy the SSD to the hard drive as a backup. I would like to boot from the Western Digital to verify the copy works.

I have had many dual boot systems, that have Linux and Windows installed. The result is the boot loader for them is grub, not Windows Boot Manager. Grub configuration is a text file, which allows configuration with a text editor. Windows Boot Manager configuration is in a binary file, which leads to the need for a program to configure the boot manager.


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