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 ====== Windows Boot configuration ====== ====== Windows Boot configuration ======
-Windows 10 boot configuration can be controlled with [[|bcdedit]] and [[|bootrec]]. I had hard time finding documentation about bootrec.+Windows 10 boot configuration can be controlled with [[|bcdedit]] and [[|bootrec]]. [[|bcdboot]] is program that establishes the contents of the boot/system partition.
 How to fix [[|Windows 10 boot problems]]. How to fix [[|Windows 10 boot problems]].
-//**This page needs work! Phil** //+More links about fixing boot problems: 
 + [[|Use bootrec.exe in the Windows Recovery Environment to troubleshoot startup issues.]] 
 + [[http://|Restore a lost boot partition.]]// //
 ===== Windows Boot Manager ===== ===== Windows Boot Manager =====
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 ===== Corrupted Windows 10 Boot ===== ===== Corrupted Windows 10 Boot =====
-First:   Google "restore Windows 10 boot partition"  This might lead to one or more of the following. +First: Google "restore Windows 10 boot partition". This might lead to one or more of the following.
- +
- As suggested by  [[|Microsoft .]]   aaa+
-If the Windows 10 boot partition becomes corrupted, here are some items of interest.+As suggested by [[|Microsoft .]]
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