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The Computer Club MAC Users Group (MUG) is in the process of reforming. MAC users may soon have a forum to exchange information and experiences.

You can add your name and eMail address to the MUG membership now to receive updates as the group reforms. Login with your CA account credentials, go to My Memberships, check Mac Users Group.

This is a special interest GROUP. The SIG runs best when any and all members contribute.

Questions, suggestions, comments to


test74.192.166.116, 2021/11/22 00:00

The restarted MAC Users Group will have an organizational meeting via zoom December 6 at 3pm. View the MUG SIG page for the zoom invitation.

test74.192.166.116, 2021/10/21 17:14

The previous MUG presentations are available under the Computer Club's Cyber Security SIG under MEETING NOTES.

A preview of macOS Monterey is available under Seminars on the Cyber Security SIG site.

A method of freeing space on your MAC to update to Monterey is available on the Cyber Security SIG NEWS ARCHIVE.

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