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What is the Computer Club Help Center?

The Help Center is a service provided by Sun City residents to members of the Computer Club. The volunteers of the Help Center offer assistance with computer “problems”.

What is a computer problem?

The help center volunteers, attempt to provide assistance for many computer devices. There are volunteers that are willing to help with cell phones, tablets, PC's, Apple products, printers and network equipment. Assistance with phones or tablets is typically a sofware or “operator” issue. Assistance with PC's or Apple's can involve software, hardware, networking or the “operator”. It is probable that one of the Help Center volunteers can help resolve or define the problem. If a problem is not resolved, we hope to define solutions that can be provided by local commercial services.

How to get help

The Help Center provides help in the Computer Club Annex or in your home. Bringing your device to the Help Center is preferred? Why? The Help Center typically has multiple volunteers. Volunteers are able to consult with other volunteers in the Help Center. Networking and printer problems frequently require a home visit. For home support it is necessary to come to the Help Center to register the support request.

What you should bring to the Help Center

If your problem is with a portable device (laptop, tablet, phone) or an all-in-one, bring the device and its power supply. For a desktop PC, the Help Center can provide a power cord, monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Satisfaction is not guaranteed, but....

The goal of the volunteers is to provide assistance that resolves your problem or leads to the eventual solution. Most of the time, the volunteers are successful. When we are not, please remember: The Help Center is staffed by Sun City volunteers who are sharing their time and knowledge with the intent of helping a neighbor.


test208.180.123.222, 2019/07/30 14:40

I have a desktop computer with ssd 250gb installed. I bought a 1T ssd to replace it. Unfortunately I don't have the data transfer cable (I think that is what it is called). Can you help me with this? The amount of date to transfer is about 200GB. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Tom Leirer

phillip, 2019/07/30 15:27, 2019/07/31 22:29

Tom, The Help Center has the necessary equipment and will help you with migration of the data, cloning the old to the new, or adding the new drive to the system and using it for additional storage. Desktop systems frequently have room for more than one drive. If you want to keep both drives in the system there is usually a spare power connector but you may need to purchase a SATA data cable. Windows also has a feature that allows a second drive to be part of a “folder”, instead of a separate drive letter. “Symbolic Links” is the software feature that enables mapping a second drive into a folder. If you are able to bring the computer to the Help Center, one of us will help you with the process of identifying the “right” solution and completing the necessary process.

test74.196.114.104, 2019/10/02 18:22

I was in the black out last night in #4 and we had our lights come on and off at least 6 times. This morning when I turned on my desktop, it did not respond. It was plugged into a large surge protector so I am dismayed that this has happened. Can you help by at least looking at it before I am forced to purchase a new one? Thank you

phillip, 2019/10/02 19:02

If you can deliver the computer to the Help Center Friday morning, the Help Center volunteers will access the problem with your computer. If disconnecting or moving the desktop is not appropriate, you will need to come to the Help Center to create a support request.

test47.221.168.41, 2019/10/06 17:12


My late husband worked in the IT field. I have a box of power, USB, and parallel cables; numerous thumb-drives of all sizes; one or two external hard-drives; ink for an Epson printer; and, several boxes of labels if someone is willing to come pick them up. I live in neighborhood 5 off Dan Moody & Whispering Wind. Please email me or call me at 817-319-4340.


Linda Burke

test47.221.168.41, 2019/10/30 21:44

HELP!! I was trying to sync my phone and my laptop and got involved with moving things to the cloud, etc, etc, etc. Now I turn on my computer and I have a blank desktop and can't figure out how to get the stuff back on my computer laptop. The sync obviously didn't work either because my songs still aren't showing up on my phone. I was also trying to download or sync or transfer or whatever it is you do to get the pictures on my phone on my laptop. I'm about ready to “kill the cloud”. I hate it and I want it off my computer after I get everything back.

phillip, 2019/10/30 22:47

The Help Center is open Friday, 9AM to 12PM. Bring both items to the Help Center and one or more of us will discover if we can help resolve the problem.

test47.221.168.41, 2019/11/13 09:18


I have been out of town and just got back. I can't wait until Friday, can someone come to my house? I am even willing to pay to have someone come fix this mess! No matter what I try to do, things get worse. Now all of my icons have disappeared from my desktop.

phillip, 2019/11/13 12:21

What time?

test47.221.168.41, 2019/10/30 21:46

All of the items were picked up by Phillip and taken to the computer repair/service area to be used and shared where needed. Thanks for the interest.

test47.221.153.137, 2019/11/02 22:53

I have a Mac computer operating on OS X El Capitan and need a new printer. Just wondering if there is an HP that you would recommend. Does not need to be fancy. Thanks

phillip, 2019/11/03 01:22, 2019/11/03 10:37

I do not invest much time evaluating new products. My habit is to “google” for knowledge when asked about something that is beyond my recent experience. I do know that HP manufactures a lot of printer models with significant or subtle differences. My preference is a color laser printer/copier/scanner. Why? Years ago I tired of buying ink cartridges. Color ink jet products are less expensive, but may eventually equal the price of a laser product, depending on the amount of printing you complete. The ink modules for ink jet printers can get expensive. Suggestion… Google “Best ink jet printer value”. Here is one result: Here is a recent opinion from about all-in-one products. . However, recently I helped someone setup a new 3 in one printer. The one issue I had with the device was: The control/display panel was VERY small. This feature contributed to the time (and squinting) required to complete the initial setup of the printer as a network device. After initial setup, control panel interaction is infrequent. If you connect to the printer with a USB cable, the control panel size may not be a concern.

test47.221.204.159, 2019/11/15 20:43

I have purchased a new printer and need to know how/where to take my old one. Any suggestions? Thank you, Helen Sherrod

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