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What is the Computer Club Help Center?

The Help Center is a service provided by Sun City residents to members of the Computer Club. The volunteers of the Help Center offer assistance with computer “problems”.

What is a computer problem?

The help center volunteers, attempt to provide assistance for many computer devices. There are volunteers that are willing to help with cell phones, tablets, PC's, Apple products, printers and network equipment. Assistance with phones or tablets is typically a sofware or “operator” issue. Assistance with PC's or Apple's can involve software, hardware, networking or the “operator”. It is probable that one of the Help Center volunteers can help resolve or define the problem. If a problem is not resolved, we hope to define solutions that can be provided by local commercial services.

How to get help

The Help Center provides help in the Computer Club Annex or in your home. Bringing your device to the Help Center is preferred? Why? The Help Center typically has multiple volunteers. Volunteers are able to consult with other volunteers in the Help Center. Networking and printer problems frequently require a home visit. For home support it is necessary to come to the Help Center to register the support request.

What you should bring to the Help Center

If your problem is with a portable device (laptop, tablet, phone) or an all-in-one, bring the device and its power supply. For a desktop PC, the Help Center can provide a power cord, monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Satisfaction is not guaranteed, but....

The goal of the volunteers is to provide assistance that resolves your problem or leads to the eventual solution. Most of the time, the volunteers are successful. When we are not, please remember: The Help Center is staffed by Sun City volunteers who are sharing their time and knowledge with the intent of helping a neighbor.


test208.180.123.222, 2019/07/30 14:40

I have a desktop computer with ssd 250gb installed. I bought a 1T ssd to replace it. Unfortunately I don't have the data transfer cable (I think that is what it is called). Can you help me with this? The amount of date to transfer is about 200GB. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Tom Leirer

phillip, 2019/07/30 15:27, 2019/07/31 22:29

Tom, The Help Center has the necessary equipment and will help you with migration of the data, cloning the old to the new, or adding the new drive to the system and using it for additional storage. Desktop systems frequently have room for more than one drive. If you want to keep both drives in the system there is usually a spare power connector but you may need to purchase a SATA data cable. Windows also has a feature that allows a second drive to be part of a “folder”, instead of a separate drive letter. “Symbolic Links” is the software feature that enables mapping a second drive into a folder. If you are able to bring the computer to the Help Center, one of us will help you with the process of identifying the “right” solution and completing the necessary process.

test74.196.114.104, 2019/10/02 18:22

I was in the black out last night in #4 and we had our lights come on and off at least 6 times. This morning when I turned on my desktop, it did not respond. It was plugged into a large surge protector so I am dismayed that this has happened. Can you help by at least looking at it before I am forced to purchase a new one? Thank you

phillip, 2019/10/02 19:02

If you can deliver the computer to the Help Center Friday morning, the Help Center volunteers will access the problem with your computer. If disconnecting or moving the desktop is not appropriate, you will need to come to the Help Center to create a support request.

test47.221.168.41, 2019/10/06 17:12


My late husband worked in the IT field. I have a box of power, USB, and parallel cables; numerous thumb-drives of all sizes; one or two external hard-drives; ink for an Epson printer; and, several boxes of labels if someone is willing to come pick them up. I live in neighborhood 5 off Dan Moody & Whispering Wind. Please email me or call me at 817-319-4340.


Linda Burke

test47.221.168.41, 2019/10/30 21:44

HELP!! I was trying to sync my phone and my laptop and got involved with moving things to the cloud, etc, etc, etc. Now I turn on my computer and I have a blank desktop and can't figure out how to get the stuff back on my computer laptop. The sync obviously didn't work either because my songs still aren't showing up on my phone. I was also trying to download or sync or transfer or whatever it is you do to get the pictures on my phone on my laptop. I'm about ready to “kill the cloud”. I hate it and I want it off my computer after I get everything back.

phillip, 2019/10/30 22:47

The Help Center is open Friday, 9AM to 12PM. Bring both items to the Help Center and one or more of us will discover if we can help resolve the problem.

test47.221.168.41, 2019/11/13 09:18


I have been out of town and just got back. I can't wait until Friday, can someone come to my house? I am even willing to pay to have someone come fix this mess! No matter what I try to do, things get worse. Now all of my icons have disappeared from my desktop.

phillip, 2019/11/13 12:21

What time?

test47.221.168.41, 2019/10/30 21:46

All of the items were picked up by Phillip and taken to the computer repair/service area to be used and shared where needed. Thanks for the interest.

test47.221.153.137, 2019/11/02 22:53

I have a Mac computer operating on OS X El Capitan and need a new printer. Just wondering if there is an HP that you would recommend. Does not need to be fancy. Thanks

phillip, 2019/11/03 01:22, 2019/11/03 10:37

I do not invest much time evaluating new products. My habit is to “google” for knowledge when asked about something that is beyond my recent experience. I do know that HP manufactures a lot of printer models with significant or subtle differences. My preference is a color laser printer/copier/scanner. Why? Years ago I tired of buying ink cartridges. Color ink jet products are less expensive, but may eventually equal the price of a laser product, depending on the amount of printing you complete. The ink modules for ink jet printers can get expensive. Suggestion… Google “Best ink jet printer value”. Here is one result: Here is a recent opinion from about all-in-one products. . However, recently I helped someone setup a new 3 in one printer. The one issue I had with the device was: The control/display panel was VERY small. This feature contributed to the time (and squinting) required to complete the initial setup of the printer as a network device. After initial setup, control panel interaction is infrequent. If you connect to the printer with a USB cable, the control panel size may not be a concern.

test47.221.204.159, 2019/11/15 20:43

I have purchased a new printer and need to know how/where to take my old one. Any suggestions? Thank you, Helen Sherrod

test47.220.189.139, 2019/11/25 18:12

Is there an easy way to convert PDF files into either pages or Word for MAC. I found a site where they will open it, but if I try to save it as a docx it will not let me. Any suggestions? I assume this is because they discontinued ADOBE or something like that???

Thanks Debra

phillip, 2019/11/25 19:42

Debra, I did an internet search for “convert pdf to word”. This one looks interesting.. LibreOffice provides editing of PDF files with Draw. Open a pdf file, edit and save. Installing LibreOffice is not something I have tried, yet.

test47.220.189.139, 2019/11/26 01:45

Bold TextThanks for your help, Phillip, I will check out your suggestion & let you know how it goes.


Ok, I downloaded it, when I went to use it a warning came up saying it could damage my Mac & I called Apple & they said it is on a malware list for Apple. She told me to move it all to the trash & empty the trash. But I found out to right click & open the file with a compatible app such as books, preview (which was the one not working), Safari, or photos or whatever it brings up on the compatibility list- mine said word would open it on my computer so I did that & it worked. Now I just need to convert all my pdf files into word.


test47.220.170.182, 2019/12/01 16:28

I am looking to hire someone to help me move Lightroom from my old PC to my new of. Do you have any recommendations?

Thank you,


phillip, 2019/12/01 17:21, 2019/12/01 17:27

Charlotte, The Computer Club Help Center can assist. I am not a Lightroom expert, but… Lightroom appears to be an Adobe Product. Assuming the “License” is transferable, some interaction with Adobe may be necessary. Interaction with Adobe can probably be accomplished with email, chat or phone. I will assume there is data (including pictures) on the older PC that you would like transferred to the new PC. Once again the Help Center can assist. The Computer Club Help Center is open Tuesday from 12 to 3 PM. If you are a club member and unable to bring the PC's to the Help Center you can arrange for a house call. Club membership is a bargain. Never mind… It appears, Adobe is an “internet” based product. No need for a license. It appears you should be able to “Login” to your Adobe Lightroom product from any computer. As to “other data” or applications the Help Center may still be helpful.

test74.192.140.202, 2019/12/04 18:08

My husband and I travel a lot and do not want to use hotel or public Wifi for banking. Is there a device that we can purchase so that we can have secure WiFi while traveling?

phillip, 2019/12/04 19:52

The simple answer is Yes. There is more that one way to address the subject of “secure internet access while traveling”. The first two concepts that come to mind are VPN (Virtual Private Network) and/or using your cell phone data service (via tethering). A good evaluation of these subjects as relates to the devices that you own or intend to use is not trivial. I did google “secure internet access while traveling” and found “stuff”, but have not found a good “cook book” article, yet. I am hoping there are other people in the community that have personal experience with the alternatives. If not, the Computer Club “Security SIG” leader will probably be more knowledgeable about alternatives. The Security SIG meets this Thursday, Dec 5 from 3 pm until 4 pm Sun City Activities Center Annex

test47.221.171.195, 2019/12/14 02:52

Thank you for trying to help us. I am ready to replace two old Apple's and am considering PC's instead of Apple on the basis of somewhat of a cost savings. both new will be laptops. We use computers for basic stuff; email, facebook, spread sheets, photo management, music, contacts, calendar, Word. I am using Word and Excel for Apple. and will continue to use those programs. We are not gamers, but do watch some video. There seems to be difficulty in transfering Apple files to pC, such as music, contacts, calendar, etc. That plus the learning curve required for PC use has me leaning toward just replacing Apple with Apples. Any thoughts?

phillip, 2019/12/14 12:31

Multiple thoughts and questions. Why do you want to replace your Apple products. Are they not working properly? Are they desktops or laptops. How old are they? If cost is a concern… I upgraded my mid 2011 Macbook pro with SSD(Solid State Drive) and the latest OS. A SSD (Solid State Drive) upgrade can provide a dramatic improvement in performance for less than $100. Newer laptops (PC or Apple) can be lighter and generate less heat. As to your applications and being used to the Apple way of doing things. Changing from Apple to PC can be a challenge. Thoughts… Not all the applications will be “difficult”. There are “free” applications on the PC that satisfy many requirements. For documents there is LibreOffice. A bit of internet research for “free software” will reveal a large rabbit hole. If “time is money”, you may want to try a PC in the Computer Club lab, to discover if the things you fear are interesting challenges or not worth your time.

test47.221.171.195, 2019/12/18 16:12

Thank for responding. Wife uses Imac all in one desktop, OS X; 10.6.8. Purchased in 2011. 4GB memory. I use MacBook Pro, OS Mojave 10.14.6. Purchased 2014. 8 GB memory. Screen somewhat cloudy and “splotchy.” I use Microsoft WORD and EXCEL for Mac extensively on laptop. One goal is to both of us with our own laptop, since we travel a lot and now have to share one laptop. I have looked into transferring apple apps (music, contacts, calendar, etc.,) and feel a little intimidated by time and effort required. I would not mind the learning curve of Windows, my main concern is my apps not transferring without being corrupted.

phillip, 2019/12/24 22:00

Sorry for the delay. I thought I responded to this last week. My recollection is: 1st… If you can, identify the applications or interactions that you suspect will be the “hard part” of migration from Mac to PC. I suspect, moving data may be the less difficult part of the process. There are plenty of “open source” and/or free software products that are likely to provide similar features but the “user interfaces” will be different. As with any migration, there will be “cost” and/or pain. Given that a “reasonable” laptop can be acquired for less than $500 and sometimes around $300, on sale, your tolerance for pain will be personal. Second suggestion. If you know which applications/functions you suspect are going to be most painful… Try a PC in the Computer Club lab and see if the pain is tolerable. If yes… Just buy 1 PC and see if it satisfies your partners requirements. If yes… Upgrade/repair your MacBook pro. If it does not have an SSD (Solid State Drive), upgrade it and get a new screen. SSD makes almost any older computer BETTER. But, if the PC for your partner likes the PC, invest some more time resolving the use cases that would make the PC good for you and consider buying another laptop PC. My shortlist for “free software” includes Libreoffice, Thunderbird (mail) and Gimp for photo editing. An internet search for “free software” will provide plenty of “I am not sleepy yet” material.

test47.220.157.78, 2019/12/27 17:07

I have a Mac computer about 8 years old running OS Sierra Version 10.12.6. Sometimes when I surf the internet a window will appear asking me to install the application. The application looks like a magnifying glass in a green circle. My computer will freeze and I can't get out of it unless a do a Conrol-Alt-Delete. Then it leaves a couple of things in my Application file. I delete those and empty my trash. I have pictures, but cannot seem to upload them for your viewing. I feel like it is some kind of malware and I need help getting rid of it for good.

phillip, 2019/12/27 22:50

As to an 8 year old Mac running OS 10.12.6. My bet is that it will “upgrade” to a more current OS, perhaps 10.15. An upgrade can be accomplished with an internet connection and I believe it is free. An OS upgrade may resolve more than one issue. As to the “green circle” and Control-Alt_Delete, I am going to suggest that you bring the Mac to the Help Center. Recently there have been volunteers in the Help Center that speak Mac more fluently than I. As to pictures, I suspect you mean “screen shots” of the “green circle”. In either case, bring the Mac to the Help Center. The next Help Center session will be January 7, 2020 from noon to 3 pm.

test47.221.137.250, 2020/01/17 14:18

Are virus prevention products worth the money? If so, would you recommend what you think best?

phillip, 2020/01/17 23:13

Today my opinion is: Not on my budget. My budget includes time and money. Why? My experience… Anti-virus stuff inflicts overhead on my devices. The FREE versions of Anti-virus tools have “worked for me”. As to Windows PC and my MacBook pro, I am using free or whatever comes with the system. Windows Defender has been OK for me for several years. Frequent updates, including anti-virus, are part of Microsoft overhead. However… The set of internet places I surf are probably less likely to be sources of malware and I have not seen a hint of an infected email attachment for years. Gmail may have something to do with that observation. As to PCs we see in the Help Center. We frequently uninstall AntiVirus tools, and leave the machine with Windows Defender installed and enabled. Our experience… It works. Its Free. Why do we uninstall other tools. Most of the time it is because there are multiple antivirus tools installed on a machine. Typically those tools do not cooperate and the result is often “slow boot” and “slow pc”. However, again, we do use a couple of tools to “disinfect” a machine. The free versions of Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware have proven to be helpful when something “strange” is going on. When we use these tools we do not configure them to be part of system boot/startup. Anti-virus is one part of security. There are other essential thoughts, items 2 and 6 in the following link are often overlooked.:

test74.192.160.99, 2020/01/20 05:15

On a Windows 10 Home desktop, external HDDs & flash drives are not detected by the File Explorer or the Disk Management programs. The external HDDs & flash drives work fine on different PCs. I've uninstalled all the USB controller drivers. Didn't fix it. I've tried several other Google recommended fixes. None fixed it. Any ideas other than clean install?

phillip, 2020/01/20 10:37

Thoughts… Something is corrupted.. Do SuperAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes report any issues? Is the registry “clean”? CCleaner can help with “noise” in the registry. “SFC /scannow” may detect and correct the issue. SFC (System File Check) is a command link tool. Start cmd as Administrator the do “SFC /scannow”. SFC an also be invoked from Hirens. SFC is not fast. Be patient. Next swing/try… In Settings/Update/Recovery, if there is a recovery point available, recover to “before” the problem started or “Restore and retain data”. “Restore and Retain” requires installation media, thumb drive or DVD “should” work. Other thoughts… I have observed that some BIOS's can disable/enable USB. Are USB devices detected in the BIOS? Can you configure and boot from a thumb drive in a USB port? You may need to disable UEFI (Secure boot) and enable Legacy boot. If you boot from a USB port with Hirens or Linux do the USB ports work?

test74.192.160.99, 2020/01/20 17:55

Thanks, Phillip. I'll try these.

test173.219.75.70, 2020/02/18 16:31

I need to add more memory to speed up my computer, it only has 4 megabits of RAM. If I buy it can someone there help me install it? If not where do you recommend I take it.Bold Text

phillip, 2020/02/18 16:53

Bring your computer to the Computer Club Help Center. It is open from 12 to 3 today. As to slow performance. It is not common for the root cause of poor performance to be “not enough memory”. The Help Center will help you determine the most likely cause or causes of poor performance. Often we resolve performance problems with system maintenance and adjustments. The most significant contributor to bad performance is “disk drives”. However, every computer and user can be different. The Help Center is a free service to Computer Club members.

test74.192.136.7, 2020/02/28 15:18

I just purchased a new IPAD. As I have always been a PC user, I was wondering if you have a class to help beginners with the IPAD? Thank you.

phillip, 2020/02/28 22:29

Here is a link to the Compute Club web page about Education classes.

test47.220.176.209, 2020/02/28 16:39

I need help installing a router and a modem. Can the club help me with this? In addition, I am having difficulty with my Quicken program.

Susan Lorms

phillip, 2020/02/28 22:37

Susan, The Help Center does provide support for router and modem concerns. The assumption is the house already has the appropriate “in house wiring”. Wiring being any “in wall” coax or phone wires. As to Quicken. Quicken is a big subject, so we can talk about it when you submit a request for help with the modem and router. You can submit a request for help at the “Help Center” on Tuesday (12 to 3) and/or Friday (9 to 12).

test74.192.147.102, 2020/03/11 19:29

The Outlook Address Book has disappeared from my email address book. How can I get it back?

phillip, 2020/03/12 04:36

As to the Outlook Address Book… My first guess (I do not use Outlook): There is an option “somewhere” in Outlook that can enable or disable the “visibility” of the Address Book. If that does not prove to be the case, then come to the Help Center, with your computer, on Friday morning (9 to noon) and one of the volunteers can help resolve the problem.

test74.196.231.55, 2020/04/02 16:52

I looking at buying a cable modem. What's the best way to get recommendations and help?

phillip, 2020/04/05 16:48, 2020/04/05 16:57

Hmmm??? Best way to get recommendations? Start with a web search for “Best Cable Modem” or “Cable Modem Comparison”. This appears to be a decent review:,review-2832.html I found it with a search for “Cable Modem Comparison” My attitude… Netgear and Arris/Motorola offer a broad range of products. Products are available at Walmart, Best Buy and Office Depot. Product differentiators will include “maximum cable speed” and “integrated wifi/router”. My attitude: A cable modem that allows up to 400 mbs (megabits per second) is more than adequate. A separate wifi/router is my preference. Why? I have had the same cable modem for “years” and my wifi/router has been replaced/upgraded a couple of times. However, wifi/router tech has been good, capable and stable for several years. It should not hurt to ask Suddenlink what they recommend for a customer provided cable modem.

test47.221.164.154, 2020/04/08 17:07

We have been happy with our 5 year old MacBook Air, but it needs replacing. We use it for word processing, internet browsing and sometimes purchasing, occasional videos, and lots of photo and video storage (but much is on the cloud) and music storage. Just wondering if the 2020 MacBook Air is the right path. Will it give me recognizable upgrades in storage, processing speed, and visual clarity? Do I even need to consider upgrading to the MacBook Pro?

phillip, 2020/04/14 22:34

My concerns. You identified what you do with the MacBook air but it is not clear what it does not do or why it needs replacing. Maybe you just need another MacBook Air not the Pro. Keeping both may be helpful? I suspect some time at will expose the differences between what you have and the 2020 models. The value of the technical features may not be important to how you use your Mac. Given your present MacBook Air is 5 years old, it may not have a Solid State Drive (SSD). Any computer, Mac or PC, can demonstrate significantly faster boot and program load behavior with an SSD.

test47.221.168.172, 2020/04/14 21:15

Trying to power flush Epson ET-2550. When I follow instructions, get to the point to where it says to choose Utility option which is not showing on the screen. Any ideas?

Printer is dropping/skipping some lines.

Did better when I printed from Photo app.

phillip, 2020/04/14 22:21

Sorry, no personal experience with flushing an Epson. However, I went to and searched for and discovered a bunch of videos about Epson ET-2550. My present suggestion…. Invest some time looking at the videos on youtube.

test67.44.224.216, 2020/04/17 14:23

Thanks, Phillip for advice given re: update that changed my desktop and eliminated some icons. I have been able to deal with it successfully with your encouragement. Still missing the safe removal of devices that forces me to go to settings-devices-etc. but that is a small, but annoying thing. Interestingly, when I had a signal interrupt the other day, my old desktop with all the icons came back briefly. The mysteries of computers. Thanks, again, for your help. Carol Hopper

test74.192.160.107, 2020/04/20 20:16

I just purchased a new HP I have a very old Dell which is up to date but a real antique. How can I transfer all my files to the new HP. How can I set it up–it has Windows 10 without having a Microsoft account? Any advice on discounts for word, PP, Excel packages. Thanks in advance

phillip, 2020/04/20 21:48, 2020/04/21 01:20

As to: “How can I set it up–it has Windows 10 without having a Microsoft account?”. Do NOT connect the computer to the internet until AFTER you have gone through all the SETUP process. Windows initialization will allow you to create a “Local Account” if you are not connected to the internet. As to: “How can I transfer all my files to the new HP”. “All my files” can have different meanings. If you mean “just your data”, then you have choices. If you expect “programs and data”, that is a bigger problem. If its just “data”, then after you get the new machine running you can “copy your data” from Old to New using your local network, assuming you have both machines attached to the network. Knowing “how much data” is there can be helpful in making a decision about “how”. Use as a tool to understand how much data you have. Most likely your data is in c:\Users\“Your account Name”. Other possibilities…. Remove the hard drive from the old computer and attach it to the new computer or copy you data to a “thumb drive” and use the thumb drive as a source for putting the data in your new computer. The right answer is, “it depends”. As to: “Any advice on discounts for word, PP, Excel packages. ” Install LibreOffice from It is free.

test74.192.160.107, 2020/04/21 04:22

Thanks. Assuming there are no dumb questions. What is a local account?

phillip, 2020/04/21 08:12

Doing an internet search for “Local account vs Microsoft Account” produces a lot of results. Here is one result. Another good question is “Local account vs Administrator account”. My preference is to set up a machine with two accounts. One named “MyName” (Local Account and NOT administrator), the other named “AdminMyName” (Local Account AND administrator). Then use the account named “MyName” as the account for everything you do with the computer. Why? Using an account that does not have Administrative privileges is “safer”. If/when Windows 10 needs administrative privileges, it will prompt you for the password for the account named “AdminMyName”.

jenkinson, 2020/04/21 15:46, 2020/04/21 20:30

A local account is local to the machine A Microsoft account is held AT Microsoft to be more informative the Microsoft account allows you to “share” the account among your Microsoft devices and products BUT the account is in the form of and requires an email address. If someone has already registered your desired email/Microsoft account name you'll have to choose another until you don't collide with someone else. AND if you choose a Suddenlink account then drop Suddenlink service you'll have to request another account. If your connection to the Internet is down you can use cached credentials to login for a period of time. A local account is more difficult to setup, but avoids most of the above issues.

to the point of an account with Administrator rights and privileges you can check a specific Cyber Security SIG News Blog post Windows Administrator Account revisit Or browse the News Blog The article details the process with screen shots and more detail. Using an account without Administrator rights or privilege is probably the best method of lessening the threat of malware.

jenkinson, 2020/04/20 22:35

Microsoft used to provide a utility to do this. Easy Transfer If you've updated from a previous Windows version , use Search to see if that utility survived the updates Something to consider - you want/need more than just your files and the files of any other users - you want to preserve your IDentity. User profiles, SSIDs, and other things Might thus consider PCmover from Laplink (pay for utility) or contact someone local for help. you'd probably bring both machines to that service and pick it up afterwards. If you do the service - CHANGE your passwords all passwords before bringing the machines in. sanitize via sanitary wipes. copying your files gets you most of the way. using a utility or service gets you further.

good question. i hope it spawns other member's experiences.

test74.192.160.107, 2020/04/21 04:26

Thanks. If we open up could the help center work with me on this?

phillip, 2020/04/21 07:52

Yes. It is a common request/process provided by the Help Center.

test74.192.162.204, 2020/04/30 15:01

Does the club have any type of software i.e. lightscribe that can be used to print dvd? If not, do you have any recommendations that wold be compatible with MacBook Air?

test74.192.170.106, 2020/05/22 00:34

FYI For those that have an issue trying to uninstall a printer that is offline and re-installing the same with no success, try running a scan of your registery (with Ccleaner). I found this worked for me recently with much success.

test47.221.147.3, 2020/05/24 13:24

Two questions: 1. What equipment do I need for using zoom? 2. Buying a tower computer do you recommend get it with WIFI?Bold Text

phillip, 2020/05/25 00:54

As to Zoom requirements: I hope provides a detailed answer. My assumption is you need a computer with video camera, microphone and screen. Zoom appears to function on smart phones, tablets and PC's. If you are buying a PC/tower, then you may need to acquire a USB video camera. Logitech has good options and I believe Logitech also includes a microphone in the camera. As to a tower with wifi? Two factors that impact my attitude. The distance from the PC to the router and costs. These days I am assuming the cost of integrated wifi is low. If your computer is close to your router (typically in the same room or desk), I prefer an ethernet(cat 5 or 6) cable connection. Why? Wifi exposes network activity to “snooping”. If Wifi is not necessary, I avoid wifi. None of my desktop computers are configured with wifi.

test74.196.230.38, 2020/05/29 13:02

My Acer laptop cannot start. When I try to turn it on the ‘Acer screen‘ comes up and it starts buffering. Does not advance past this. Can you advise?

phillip, 2020/05/29 16:37

All kinds of possibilities, including the latest Windows update. I will give you a call.

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