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Windows 11

October 6, 2021… Windows 11 has been released. Windows 11 is still a mystery. If you visit and search for “Windows 11” or search the internet for “Windows 11”, you will find a lot of links/references. If you have time to determine which links or references might be helpful to the Sun City community please add your comments and/or observations to this wiki page.

My observations… so far…. The tool that Microsoft supplies, to determine if your computer is Windows 11 compatible, is “suspicious”. Why? In the past, the tool indicated some of my computers did not qualify but the list of “processors” did indicate my computers would work. Hmmm? Inconsistent. Today, one of my machines indicated it would not work but it met all of the “Microsoft stated requirements”. Hmmm??? There is inconsistency in the tool or the statement of requirements.

Installing on unsupported hardware.

May 4, 2023: This is todays better option: Explaining Computers, Unsupported Hardware. The short version… Use Rufus to construct a thumb drive that contains the Windows 11 installation media. Rufus can “modify” the installation media to avoid some Windows 11 installation limitations.

This process is NOT for the novice. Reference: CyberCPU youtube channel

Which refers to: and this project: Force-Windows-11-Install

Installing or First run of Windows 11 Home

How to "work around" the requirement for a Windows Account.

March 17, 2022: Here is a youtube video by Craft Computing that was worth my time. Clues starting at about 9:15 in the video.

When you are prompted to create a Microsoft account, do the following… “Shift F10” will present a “command prompt” window. Type “taskmgr”.. In the Taskmgr window, find the task “Network Connection Flow” and (end the task): Now you can create a local account that does not require network connection. Suggestion… Do not create a password for the local account until after the installation is complete.

This tool, identified in the Craft Computing video, looks useful: Github ThisIsWin11

Has anyone tried? Do as Microsoft desires and create the first account as a Microsoft account. After the system is “Up”, disconnect from the internet. Then create a local Administrator account. Logout of the first account. Login with the local/Administrator account. Then delete the first(Microsoft) account.

Another Windows 11 ugly experience

March 29, 2022: I attached a 2.5 inch hard drive from a Windows 10 computer to a new Dell with Windows 11. Why? I wanted to copy all the user files from the Windows 10 hard drive to the Windows 11 drive. I wanted to copy all the user folders and the ProgramData folder. Strange stuff happened. I would start the paste process, it would appear to finish, but the new files I expected to find on the Windows 11 drive would not be on the Windows 11 drive. It appeared that copy/paste did not work. Then I googled “Windows 11 copy paste failure”. Nice… This is a known bug. WOW!!! I will try robocopy. April 1… April fool, kinda. Further investigation revealed the real problem. File Explorer on Windows 11 has a default configuration that does NOT show hidden files. The ProgramData folder is a hidden folder. Whoops. The solution… Enable hidden files as “viewable” in Windows 11 File Explorer.

Make Windows 11 Better, by Thiojoe

This item on by Thiojoe has some good stuff. The links that follow might be helpful. BUT, as with any link on the web, BE CAREFUL! Start11 not free. Everything, a better search, free. Directory Opus, not free. Winaero Tweaker, free. O&O Shutup10++, freeware, Microsoft PowerToys, free

Windows 11 versions that are smaller, lighter

Why would you care about a smaller and lighter Windows 11.

1) Windows 11 is not “officially” supported on a lot of older and useful hardware.

2) Windows 10 will reach its “end of life” in a couple of years.

3) Windows 11 delivers a lot of “baggage” that can be removed.

4) Big questions??? Will “stripped down” versions of Windows 11 be able to get “updates”? Will Windows Update install stuff that was removed by the Tiny 11 process?

March 11, 2023: This week I discovered youtube “stuff” about Tiny 11. Below are links to tools and process's for creating “interesting versions” of Windows 11.

The results of a duckduckgo search for Tiny 11.

A item about Tiny 11 builder

An item on the site about Tiny 11 Builder.

Tiny 11 project on Github.

This video needs some written documents . There are a lot of steps so getting it right will need some testing.

More youtube surfing revealed this: Tiny11 comparison with GhostSpectre . This led to my discovery that GhostSpectre is a youtube channel. Finding a place to “download” GhostSpectre led me here: . Following the links on is “dangerous” because of “click bait”. This is the web page that provided a "real download" and the "password" to unzip the download. The resulting download did unzip with the provided password and Windows Defender did NOT find a virus in the unzipped iso.

March 26, 2023… I tried Tiny11 and GhostSpectre on/in a VM(Virtual Machine) . I used Vmware Player version 17 on a Windows 10 host running on an AMD 5600G. Both of them worked. Additional testing needs to be done on unsupported Windows 11 hardware.

Printers and Windows 11

This item by Chris Titus might be helpful. The secret sauce is:

do this in the “Run” prompt.


Windows 11 or stick with Windows 10?


John Jenkinson, 2023/10/22 00:00

I loaded the latest Tiny 11 on a Microsoft Surface with 4GB ram and 128GB SSD. I think they have done a lot on the install process and usability. I will cover more detail in an upcoming Windows SIG presentation/recording. NOTE: Tiny 11 user slightly more disk space than a medium trim of bloat on a normal Windows 11 machine. AN IMPORTANT NOTE: Windows updates with a security focus would not install on the Tiny 11 machine. Loads, shows installing, then fails. On the other hand, no force of a Microsoft account to install!

Phillip Lahman, 2022/01/06 16:06

January 6, 2022. My first interaction with a Sun City resident and Windows 11. The computer was upgraded from Windows 10. The application for scanning that worked in Windows 10 (Hp printer/scanner) stopped scanning. Solution.. Download/install the latest HP printer/scanner tools, known as HP Smart. Other impressions… Windows 11 has several annoying changes in the user interface. I had to “hunt and peck” for stuff that “used to work” because Microsoft changed the “user interface” in addition to the “operating system” So,,, My present opinion… Windows 11 is a “bag of snakes”. At this time, I do not see a benefit to upgrading to Windows 11, if you are comfortable with Windows 10.

John Jenkinson, 2021/10/08 15:54

as more users upgrade/update to Windows 11, more issues/problems get reported.

as mentioned certain CPU processor chips crashed enough during beta testing those chips were removed from the approved processor list. conversely a few processors were added to the list due to stability during beta testing.

Reports that AMD processors lost 3-15% in performance.

Memory leak in File Explorer is fairly severe. Slow UDP performance with certain network drivers. Search bar has to be restarted on occasion. Computer Club advice to wait appears prudent.

John Jenkinson, 2021/10/06 00:00

imho, Microsoft requirements for generation 8 of intel CPUs or higher is for security. recall SPECTRE and Meltdown CPU predictive execution vulnerabilities from a few years back? more detail in the Windows SIG presentation archives. by placing these CPU requirements AND continued support for windows 10 we're all a bit safer.

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