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Wiki Goals, Who, What, Where, When, Why


People that are willing to share their knowledge or learning experience. Knowledge may not be personal. How we learn can be personal.


Share what is new to you or may be useful to another person. Clarify content that helped you learn.

This wiki was started with at least two goals. As the content grows and the clock ticks, the goal posts will move. Do not be afraid of adding or editing content. The worst thing that can happen is: You, or someone else, may need to recover content from an older version of a page. This wiki retains history of a document. Undoing an edit is not hard.


On a page in this wiki is where. Create content that makes this a better “START HERE”.


When the iron is hot. Writing something down during a learning experience will reinforce the experience.


Technology has a lot of details. Help this wiki become a better “START HERE”.

I know I forget details. The devil is in the details. The details may not live in this wiki, but putting a “pointer” in this wiki, to the details, may help your neighbor. The start page identifies some of the original reasons for this wiki:

1) Encourage community participation.

2) Gather knowledge in a system that has a functional search.

3) Demonstrate that this “Open Source” tool, can be a component of a “friendly” place to share knowledge.

Here are some more:

Goals for the content of this wiki

I frequently find things on the internet that do not include the Who, What, Where, When and Why of a subject. There are times when one of the 5 W's may not be required to make the information valuable. If When is important to a page of this wiki, you can use the Old Revisions button on the side of this page and see When this page was edited.

My English teachers stressed the importance of Who, What, Where, When, Why as relates to journalism. When this wiki links to a place on the internet, one or more of the 5 W's may be missing in the linked content.

Good journalism usually includes the answers to Who?, What?, Where?, When?, Why?

Changing the order to Why, Who, When, What, Where

Why: More than one reason. 1st… The web content of the Computer Club web site is not easy to search. My first attempt to search the content of the Security SIG produced almost nothing. 2nd… I have been around long enough to know people in our community have given their time and energy to share a lot of knowledge. Capturing knowledge in a place that provides better search capabilities is a goal of this wiki. 3rd… A wiki is designed to encourage community contributors. One intent of this wiki is to reduce the time requirement of individual volunteers, by providing a tool that allows many people to contribute. Getting more members of the community educated about “how to use a wiki” will be a challenge.

Who: In a perfect world, this wiki would allow anybody to create or edit content. Perfection is hard to achieve, so you will have to register, with this wiki, to be allowed to edit or create content.

When: Some knowledge gets obsolete. Each page of this wiki has history. A reader can choose to view the history of the page. Please note the “clock symbol” on the right side of this page. If you hover the cursor over the clock symbol you should see “Old Revisions”. If you click on the clock symbol, there will be evidence that this page has evolved. I know some of the knowledge that will be referenced from this wiki is unlikely to contain dates that identify the age of the information.

What: This wiki uses dokuwiki which requires understanding the concept of namespace and page name. The concept of namespace and page name is demonstrated by the name of this page. This page is in the namespace of freqentlyaskedquestions and the page name is whyhavethiswiki.

Where: This wiki is a where , from the perspective of information on the internet. The content of this wiki will reference other material. It is important for the reader to recognize when this wiki leads you to another “where” on the internet. As a reader you need to know that the content of this wiki is only as reliable as the creators and editors. If you find information you need to “trust”, remember to “trust but verify”.


Dona Rowe, 2022/11/28 21:27

I am not a member of computer Club. However, I have a new monitor for my desktop/tower computer. I would gladly pay a member to install the new monitor. If I must become a member, I can do that as well. Thanks, DRowe

Duane Grimme, 2022/04/21 00:38

Need help updating IPad. Do I need to schedule a time? Thanks DuaneG

Jerry Kovacs, 2019/11/18 12:41

Buying laptop to replace desktop. Two questions: 1) What is best (easiest) way of transferring data to new computer? 2) What do I do with old desktop? Assume I need to delete, destroy or somehow get rid of data and passwords on it.

Thank you, Jerry

Franklin D Moore, 2019/11/08 20:36

Have computer that is having a bios problem and error on boot. It tells me I need to update bios but am not able to get it to work with any utility that I have found. Is ASUS MB with EZ in setup but it gives me not compatible bios id when I attempt to use it. AMI bios, and computer with Windows 10 OS on it. This may be my problem, as the bios was for Vista I believe. There is a new bios that I downloaded from ASUS website. Have it on thumb drive.

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