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Why does this page exist? Because BOTS find the home page of this site and deposit comments that are not on subject. So far, BOTS are not following links, so the hope is, this page will not be the target of BOTs.

This page is intended to be a place for comments, suggestions and discussion about this wiki.


John Jenkinson, 2020/04/18 20:42

from past experience

we lived in London for a few years

if you wish to watch on your TV connected to this DVD player you'll

need a PAL TV as well.

Ther is probably a legal aspect if you purchased the DVD from the UK.

Illegal to play or view our side of the license area/region.

you might contact the seller to exchange for a NTSC formatted DVD

If you want or are willing to view on a PC, MAC, Tablet and the end user license allows ther are articles on the Internet on how to change the region code.

MAC only allows the region code to be changed a limited number of times.

or as Phillip suggests use a DVD player/viewer if allowed by the license.

Katie Janssen, 2020/04/18 19:31

Bought a DVD from London and I can't get a picture-only sound and a message that says “unsupported document”. Is there a nothing I can do yo convert it to our system so the DVD will work??

phillip, 2020/04/18 20:33

This problem description implies there is a document format problem, not a DVD region problem. Try the VLC media player. It plays/displays almost anything. Reference . You will need to download and install VLC.

Katie Janssen, 2020/04/18 17:14

I purchased a DVD from London and it won't play on my DVD player. Apparently their system is different from ours. Is there any way I can get the DVD to play on my player? c

phillip, 2020/04/18 20:29

I know of two possible reasons for what I think you are describing. The first is identified by this: . This item identifies the concept of “region codes” built into the hardware/firmware of a DVD player. A DVD player can be limited to playing DVD's intended for a specific part of the world. If I assume you are trying to play the DVD on a computer, the other possibility is the software does not understand the format of the DVD. My go to solution for DVD “format” issues is VLC media player.

phillip, 2019/07/19 21:54

D, thank you for taking the time to offer constructive thoughts. I will look for a “Grammarly” extension for the wiki.

Deborah Noe, 2019/07/19 15:28

Not sure you will get much participation but this is generally a good idea for the computer literate amongst us. I would encourage posters to be more elegant with their words. The average reader fatigues quickly with higher word count. All the best. DNoe

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