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Discussion about this Wiki

Why does this page exist? Because BOTS find the home page of this site and deposit comments that are not on subject. So far, BOTS are not following links, so the hope is, this page will not be the target of BOTs.

This page is intended to be a place for comments, suggestions and discussion about this wiki.


test74.192.133.112, 2019/07/19 15:28

Not sure you will get much participation but this is generally a good idea for the computer literate amongst us. I would encourage posters to be more elegant with their words. The average reader fatigues quickly with higher word count. All the best. DNoe

phillip, 2019/07/19 21:54

D, thank you for taking the time to offer constructive thoughts. I will look for a “Grammarly” extension for the wiki.

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